Other Inbox


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One of the nastiest side effects of using e-mail is the potential for abuse. We’ve all been there; you sign up to some web service or other and shortly you are bombarded with spam from destinations far and near.

OtherInbox addresses(!) this problem by giving you your own sub-domain, such as fredflinstone.otherinbox.com. You then create as many e-mail addresses as you can eat like fred@fredflinstone.otherinbox.com, wilma@fredflinstone.otherinbox.com and pebbles@fredflinstone.otherinbox.com. These addresses are then automatically sorted into folders in your OtherInbox web interface. If you start receiving spam simply block that address. The addresses don’t need to be pre-assigned and you can create a new address for every web site without setting it up beforehand.

This is a cheap way of managing your e-mail. And yes, I know that you can use the same trick with your own domain (I’ve done it myself for a couple of years) but this takes away the technical knowledge required and makes it available for everyone.

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