Edinburgh – MUSIC ??? Edinburgh Spotlight Sounds of the City: Volume 1 | Edinburgh Spotlight

We love local music here at Edinburgh Spotlight.

Whatever your tastes, you???re likely to find at least one band or artist in the city catering to it ??? and usually performing it live with passion, drive and enthusiasm that proves the local music scene in the city is alive and well.

To help the best of Edinburgh???s music be heard by as wide an audience as possible, we???re releasing regular free Sounds of the City compilation albums: each one containing sounds and songs which have caught our ears; and which we wholeheartedly recommend.

This first release is a true sampler ??? acoustic rock, country, pop, post-punk, hip-hop, world music: the only common thread is that these songs represent some of the best of the varied and exciting music on offer in Edinburgh.

So why not download the free album and hear what some of the city???s talented musicians are capable of!

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