IBM Providing Free Internet Security Training to Students, Parents & Teachers |

US based multinational technology giant International Business Machines has announced the launch of a range of free training tools designed to assist students, parents and teachers to have a better understanding of Internet security.

According to IBM security counsel and chief privacy officer Harriet Pearson, the new resources have been made available by the company in order to help the public have a better understanding of the most common cyber threats. The training will equip users with all necessary skills and knowledge to keep themselves at a safe distance from such threats.

Edinburgh – MUSIC ??? Edinburgh Spotlight Sounds of the City: Volume 1 | Edinburgh Spotlight

We love local music here at Edinburgh Spotlight.

Whatever your tastes, you???re likely to find at least one band or artist in the city catering to it ??? and usually performing it live with passion, drive and enthusiasm that proves the local music scene in the city is alive and well.

To help the best of Edinburgh???s music be heard by as wide an audience as possible, we???re releasing regular free Sounds of the City compilation albums: each one containing sounds and songs which have caught our ears; and which we wholeheartedly recommend.

This first release is a true sampler ??? acoustic rock, country, pop, post-punk, hip-hop, world music: the only common thread is that these songs represent some of the best of the varied and exciting music on offer in Edinburgh.

So why not download the free album and hear what some of the city???s talented musicians are capable of!

5 Places to Get Digital Textbooks

The days of shuffling that 10-pound textbook to class or those countless fiction novels in your backpack are slowly but steadily coming to a close. With ebooks, your wallet may gain a few pounds as well, as you will be spending a lot less money on books.

Check out these five digital text services. With synchronized convenience and interactive, cost-effective methods, life is on its way to becoming a little bit easier for readers on the go.

Higher Education Interrupted ??? a presentation | Energise 2-0

Following on from our recent posts Reinventing the University and Universities disrupted ??? the best recent articles we have compiled a presentation (using that illustrates the issues facing Higher Education establishments from technology, social media and the ???net generation???. We have included footage from four of the very best minds in this area ??? well worth a look. 

BBC News – MIT launches free online ‘fully automated’ course

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the world’s top-rated universities, has announced its first free course which can be studied and assessed completely online.

An electronics course, beginning in March, will be the first prototype of an online project, known as MITx.

The interactive course is designed to be fully automated, with successful students receiving a certificate.

More damaging evidence on open plan offices

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Tests carried out for a recent UK TV programme called The Secret Life Of Buildings have produced further evidence that open plan layouts create massive distraction, damaging productivity.

The Channel 4 programme???s presenter, architecture critic Tom Dyckhoff, wore a cap that measured his brainwaves while trying to work in an open plan office. The scanner revealed intense bursts of distraction. Dr Jack Lewis, the neuroscientist who conducted the test, said: ???Open plan offices were designed with the idea that people can move around and interact freely to promote creative thinking and better problem solving, but it doesn???t work like that. If you are just getting into some work and a phone goes off in the background, it ruins what you are concentrating on. Even though you are not aware at the time, the brain responds to distractions.???