Basic Errors to Avoid When Interpreting Survey Statistics

Everyone loves quoting a statistic, and no wonder: specific numbers always sound more convincing than broad generalisations. However, not all statistics are created equal???the results of a web poll are demonstrably less valid than votes in a national election???-and many of us misquote data for our own ends even when the source is basically reasonable. Here are some simple issues worth bearing in mind whenever you consider statistics. They should be obvious, but they’re often ignored. Awesome Easter Egg To Instantly Turn Any Link Into A QR Code

Earlier today, Google formally released, their URL-shortener, to the public. They???re calling it the ???stablest, most secure, and fastest URL shortener on the web.??? But it also may be the coolest thanks to an easter egg.

As Google???s Matt Cutts??? just tweeted out, if you simply add ???.qr??? to the end of any URL, it will create a QR code. Scanning this with any QR code reader will take you to the URL.