FollowUpThen Automates Email Follow Ups – #Lifehacker

You’re pinging somebody over email right now, but they’ll probably need a reminder or follow-up in two days. CC, and if that person hasn’t responded yet, they’ll be automatically re-pinged 48 hours from now. It’s a neat service, and it’s free.

That’s the main way FollowUpThen works: CC a message that needs a second push to an address like 5hours, 2days, 1week, or even, and if your recipient doesn’t reply (with FollowUpThen as one of the addressees) before your time period is up, the original message is re-pushed by, with a little email graphical tweak, seen above, and a notice that FollowUpThen is acting on your wishes.

If you want to handle the second notice yourself, add the timed address to the BCC field, and it will only get back to you, with a reminder of what you sent. You can also send a message directly To:, and your reminder is pushed back to you at the time you specify.

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