Data Crow is a Cross-Platform Manager of All Your Media – Lifehacker

Data Crow doesn’t just catalog your movies with IMDB look-ups, organize your MP3s and CDs with discographies, or handle pictures. It handles all three, plus contacts, software, books, and much more, and runs on any system.

Data Crow is huge, and can be very intimidating on first boot-up—there are menus upon menus, and it’s not immediately obvious how you drop your stuff into this app. Thankfully, there’s a beginner’s wizard that pops up on first using the app—which can be re-launched from the Help menu if you lose track of it—that walks you through adding, tagging, and managing your media.

Once you get the hang of adding your stuff, you’ll start seeing some of the cross-indexing and search powers that Data Crow provides. There are lots of web hook-ins to help you grab cover art and details for your media off and other online sources, and a good number of import tools to save you time if you’ve already done some cataloging in another app.

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