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Students of Saint Mary's Hall
Students of Saint Mary’s Hall (Photo credit: Robert of Fairfax)

Class discussions that can occur any time of day and students engaged in that discussion. It took me a while to get my head around ‘online’ discussion and I used the experience of other teachers in my school who’d tried it. I currently use this with my Independent Directed Study students (Japanese language) and will be expanding it to my Year 4 students next year. What to consider? Here’s a few of my thoughts:

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Send to Kindle buttons now available for web publishers and WordPress bloggers

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Up until now, if you wanted to send content from a website directly to your Kindle for later reading, you had to install a browser extension. Now, however, you don’t necessarily have to if the site in question has implemented Amazon’s new “Send to Kindle” button. Made just for web publishers and WordPress bloggers, you can already see it on The Washington Post, TIME and Boing Boing websites. Publishers can design how they want the button to look to a certain degree via limited customization of the font, color, size and theme. Like all the other Send to Kindle shortcuts, all readers need to do is select the article they want to ship over, hit the button and they’ll see it on their favorite Kindle reader, be it the app or the device.

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Flash training course – June 16th 2009


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Carnegie College is hosting an Adobe Flash training day for teachers and lecturers on Tuesday 16th June 2009. Aimed at existing Flash users, the course will cover the development of Rich Media Interfaces – integrating images, sound and video with ActionScript and XML to create dynamic, interactive interfaces for websites or applications. The training will be useful for those delivering on current NQ Digital Media Computing, HNC/D Interactive Media and HNC/D Visual Communication courses.

The training will be facilitated by Colin Maxwell, Adobe Education Leader.

Details and contact information at: http://www.maximized.co.uk/flashtraining/

Places are limited, so advance booking is required.

Cost is £80 per person.

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But it’s better if it looks ugly…


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As part of their quest to name and shame the ugliest sites on the web Download Squad have highlighted this little educational monster.

The reasons for it being like this? The IT manager doesn’t want “his” web site to look broken. As DS say – too bad it works but looks broken.

This is yet another case of processes getting in the way of education.

Go check it out here:

Fugly Friday: it doesn’t have to be like this – Download Squad


Wiggio – Group Working for Free


Wiggio is a FREE online toolkit that makes it easy to work in groups. Worth checking out.

Wiggio – Makes it easy to work in groups.

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SQA Web Site Revamp


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The SQA have engaged in a long overdue revamp of their web site. This includes grouping all related areas together in one page for easy access to much of the information that’s available for that subject.

Let’s just say it’s better than it was before.

SQA – Computing, IT & Related Areas




Image via WikipediaNow, I like this.

With the press of one button I can share useful web sites straight to my blog. You unlucky readers are going to have to plough through so much more stuff from now on…


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PDF to Word Conversions – Online and Free

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PDF files are wonderful. They are a standard, feature rich, easy to use format that makes exchanging files easy. What they don’t do well is exchange data.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve received a PDF and wanted to grab the text and edit it. Anyone who’s tried to do the same thing will testify that it can be one of the most frustrating computing problems around. I’ve spent inordinate amounts of time re-typing information contained in a PDF in order to be able to re-use it.

Enter, stage right, PDFundo. This web site allows you to upload a PDF and receive a Word file in return. For free. Without registration. And in real time.

What else can you possibly need to know?

Free PDF to Word Doc Converter! Just plain and simple pdf conversion software.

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Other Inbox


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One of the nastiest side effects of using e-mail is the potential for abuse. We’ve all been there; you sign up to some web service or other and shortly you are bombarded with spam from destinations far and near.

OtherInbox addresses(!) this problem by giving you your own sub-domain, such as fredflinstone.otherinbox.com. You then create as many e-mail addresses as you can eat like fred@fredflinstone.otherinbox.com, wilma@fredflinstone.otherinbox.com and pebbles@fredflinstone.otherinbox.com. These addresses are then automatically sorted into folders in your OtherInbox web interface. If you start receiving spam simply block that address. The addresses don’t need to be pre-assigned and you can create a new address for every web site without setting it up beforehand.

This is a cheap way of managing your e-mail. And yes, I know that you can use the same trick with your own domain (I’ve done it myself for a couple of years) but this takes away the technical knowledge required and makes it available for everyone.

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Bitmap -> Vector Conversion – Free and Online


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One of the most common questions asked by students on a graphics course is “Can I take my bitmap photo and make it an editable vector graphic?”. Well, to be precise the question is more usually phrased, “You know them pictures ah took. How dae a get them fae they mad dots in to lines’n’that?” Apologies for the poor transliteration.

Gratuitous attacks on students aside this web site allows you to upload a bitmap and have it converted to vectors online. Good for the odd translation job if you don’t have one of the commercial (read expensive) techniques to hand.

Vector Magic | Precision Bitmap to Vector Conversion Online