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English: A plastic card with one-time password...
English: A plastic card with one-time passwords used for on-line banking. Passwords (originally hidden) that are already used were revealed by scratching. Scanned, 600 dpi Русский: Пластиковая карта с одноразовыми паролями, выданная банком. Уже употреблённые пароли открыты путём соскабливания защитного слоя. Сканер, 600 dpi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I’m not angry, just disappointed.”

“Don’t come crying to me when you’re hacked.”

“Do you even know what a password is!?”

There are lots of password checkers on the Internet, but none as humorous as The Passive Aggressive Password Machine. Instead of a boring old password strength meter, the simple website responds to entered passwords with (usually sarcastic, mostly funny) comments like the ones above.

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Didn’t This Used to be Investigated by the Justice Department?


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OK Here’s the scam.

  1. Invent an operating system that’s full of vulnerabilities
  2. Create some software that plugs the holes (let’s call it OneCare, for example)
  3. Sell it
  4. Find that no-one buys it because others sell similar software except cheaper and better
  5. Make your software free
  6. Drive all the other manufacturers out of the game
  7. Sell your software at a new, higher, price

Microsoft are at point five on the list. Six and seven are sure to follow soon.

In the meantime take advantage of their “generosity” to make your Windows machine safe to use.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft to offer free security

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OneNote for Education

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Microsoft Education Product Center: Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

I’ve never really got in to OneNote, Microsoft’s free format note taking software. It looks fun but I’ve just not had time to really put it through its paces.

The new site from Microsoft might change that with its Teacher Toolkit containing templates and articles.

Try it and let me know how it goes in the comments. You might even convert me.