BBC News – More jobs for graduates than the unqualified in UK – study #yam

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United Kingdom: stamp (Photo credit: Sem Paradeiro)

The number of jobs in the UK requiring a degree has overtaken the total of posts not needing any qualifications, an employment survey suggests.

More than a quarter of jobs are now available only to graduates, it says.

The study shows a major shift in the job market towards requiring many more skilled workers, as roles disappear for those without qualifications.

Researchers at the Institute of Education surveyed 3,000 adults across the job market.

The findings of the Skills and Employment Survey, with the latest figures for 2012, show a significant milestone in the employment landscape, with graduate jobs at a record high level and unskilled jobs at a record low.

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What Skills Do Employers Want from Candidates? [INFOGRAPHIC] #yam

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Do you have the skills that would make employers want you? This infographic (from Youtern) shows what the employers want, and what the candidates need to get.


Strategic perspective is the most valued skill by an employer.

Many hiring managers believe skills can be learned.

70% of hiring staff rate interview skills as necessary for success.

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Why You Need a Social Resume (and How to Build One) | The Daily Muse #yam

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Using social media in your job hunt doesn’t just mean having a LinkedIn profile and tweeting industry news anymore. Many employers are looking for candidates with an impressive online presence, also known as a social resume.

Check out this infographic for what you need to know about creating a social resume that’ll stand out to hiring managers, plus some insider tips for how to tell if it’s getting you the results you want.

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Area #5 – Course Standards


Image via WikipediaThere is no doubt that Computing qualifications show clear progression routes. What is less clear, however, is that units across different curricular areas, that are notionally of the same standard, actually involve the same degree of difficulty. There is anecdotal evidence that Computing subjects are subjectively more difficult than in other curricular areas. This could impact on retention and attainment for the subject.

SCQF must undertake to look at the levelling of courses on a cross-curricular level to ensure that standards are equal across them. Until this is done comparisons between different college departments will be invalid.

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