Office meetings – how to do them right even without an office #HackYourMeeting

Yes, I hate them too. So let’s do them the best we can.

Meetings are viewed as a fundamental element of every team’s communication. Everyone likes meetings, right? Because what’s there to dislike?

Meetings have nothing but advantages!

  • As a meeting participant, you gain the time to pretend you’re working while stroking your boss’s ego and, in the meantime, checking your email or social media.
  • As the organizer of the meeting, you gain a convenient way to avoid responsibility for decision-making. Don’t know what to do? Call a meeting! Hand responsibility over to the group!
  • Meetings are a cure for everything – the lack of ideas, direction, strategy… And, of course, they help build and strengthen the “team spirit.” Because frequent meetings are what makes a good team, right?
  • In addition, organizing meetings is easy – all you have to do is go through the company calendar in Google Calendar or Outlook and, as soon as you spot an empty time slot, fill it up! Add a meeting, invite all the “important” people, making sure no one is left out… or else they might feel offended!

Source: Office meetings – how to do them right even without an office

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