9 Sites for Fantastic Free Fonts ??? Life Scoop

The web is full of font sites, but not all of them are winners. Just searching for “free fonts” can be a nightmare filled with excessive ads, malware and fonts so bad that comic sans makes them look good. Your best bet when looking for high quality fonts is to ask a graphic designer… or you could just check out this list of the best sites for fantastic free fonts.

Scottish Review: Why I went on strike last week. And why I’m on a loser

So I was on strike last Wednesday. It was a minimal response to the appalling way ordinary people in this country are being treated, but it was something. I doubt anyone will listen, though.
???????? Over the last few weeks, a slew of government announcements and news items has confirmed my belief that nobody in power gives a damn about people’s distrust of banks, or their sense of unfairness expressed through the summer riots and the Occupy movement, or their deep depression about their future prospects which, for the vast majority of the population, stare at increasing relative poverty (in real terms, average Joes will be no better off in 2014 than they were in 2001).

There is no better time to build a Windows Phone app! – MSDN UK Team blog

Join the Windows Phone UK Developer Reward Programme Today!

Imagine being rewarded with the latest gadgets (digital cameras, LCD TVs & Kinect) and treated to exhilarating experiences (Ferrari thrill & flying lessons) just by publishing your original and unique Windows Phone app on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

How? Simple! Every successful and original application published in the Windows Phone marketplace gets you one point to exchange for a range of substantial state-of-the-art goodies. There are some criteria you will need to fulfill first. You can choose something right away or wait as the more apps you publish, the bigger and shinier the stuff you get to choose from. And hold on… that’s not all… every application also gets you an entry in that month???s bonus prize draw.  So just one little app could win you an awesome prize and that???s on top of whatever goodies you choose to exchange for.

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Developing a Windows Phone Application from Start to Finish
This article, which includes an accompanying sample application, will guide you through every step of building a complete Windows Phone 7 application. It will take you from defining your application, to adding images, to working with data, all the way to publishing your application on the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Along the way, you will learn the basics of Silverlight and Windows Phone development as you create a simple fuel-tracking application.