Droopy Creates Instant Servers for Large File Trading

Windows/Mac/Linux: Droopy is a Python script that creates a miniature, one-shot web server that lets anyone upload files through a web page straight to your computer, no matter the size.

Instead of using traditional file-sharing methods like FTP or even Dropbox (which requires an account), Droopy lets people upload large files without hassle through their web browser. The file is saved directly onto your machine in a chosen folder. Unlike other web-based file-sharing services, like YouSendIt, it does not require the additional step of downloading the file.

Learning in an Open World : John Connell: The Blog

He has the speakers:

Grainne Conole, Peter Scott, Chris Pegler, Frank Rennie, Simon Buckingham Shum, Laura Dewis, Patrick McAndrew, George Siemens, Tony Hirst, Linda Wilks, Elton Barker, Steve Swithenby, Anne Faulkner, Doug Clow, Lesley-Anne Long, Joe Smith.

He has the topics:

  • Open Content: Cloudworks, iTunesU, SCORE
  • Open Learning: SocialLearn, OpenLearn, OLNet
  • Open Teaching: Creating open courses, Digital Humanities, Open CETL
  • Open Access: iSpot, the OU in Africa, Researching the environment in the open

And he manages to squeeze in Jimmy Wales too for a closing talk.

He is Martin Weller, who has pulled together an officially awesome agenda for this year???s Open University conference, on 22nd and 23rd June.

And the best bit? The whole thing will be run online, using Elluminate, and all are welcome to attend. But there is a maximum number for each session ??? so you can register to attend on Cloudworks.

What are you waiting for?

10 Awesome Vintage Video Games You Can Play Online

10 Awesome Vintage Video Games You Can Play Online


There’s something about an old video game that does a body good. The 16-color graphics, the 8-bit sound — something about it conjures memories of simpler times, when joysticks seemed larger because our hands were still small, and a dollar seemed like a heck of a lot more money than it does right now.

Allow us to take you on a vintage voyage with a time machine of links, if you will. Here are ten computer and arcade games we all know and love that you can now play online and free of charge. If you’re of a certain age, you probably played these games while waiting for your mom to finish grocery shopping. Or they might have been on your very first video game console. We hope you remember them fondly and enjoy playing them again.

Nachofoto Is Not Your Average Image Search Engine

Quick Pitch: Nachofoto is a real-time image search engine with a focus on trending topics and rising search terms.

Genius Idea: Nachofoto is designed to return the most relevant and recent images for rising search terms, as determined by Google Insights for Search, Google Trends, AOL Hot Searches and Yahoo Buzz.

The site functions just like the search engines you’re already familiar with, but is much more convenient for searches related to widely discussed topics. So a search for “Miss USA” will return images of the newly crowned winner, Rima Fakih, instead of a barrage of older photos that aren’t relevant to yesterday’s pageant.

Identity Finder Searches Out All the Sensitive Data on Your Computer – Security – Lifehacker

Identity Finder Searches Out All the Sensitive Data on Your Computer


Windows: Free utility Identity Finder scans your hard drive looking for sensitive information, like credit card numbers and passwords.

Similar to previously mentioned Sensitive Number Finder, Identity Finder searches your Windows user folder, including files and browser data, for possible credit card numbers or passwords, and then lets you know so you can do something about it. The program also has a few options for dealing with that data, like “shredding” the file (which will make it unrecoverable), encrypting the file, or quarantining it.

Unshake Makes Blurry Photos Passable – Photos – Lifehacker

Unshake Makes Blurry Photos Passable


Sometimes, you just have to take a picture of what’s in front of you but you’re stuck with low light and a cellphone camera. Free utility Unshake makes those photos somewhat presentable by toning down the blur.

You can’t truly make a blurry photo clear (the only thing you can do is breathe like a sniper when you first take the photo), but you can at least salvage some of it with this handy program. Unshake can really make your photos passable, but it takes a bit of tweaking. There are a number of settings that you’ll have to play around with to find the right balance—the wrong combination can produce super etched-looking photos—but with a bit of patience, you can probably turn a trash-bound jpeg into a photo worthy of at least showing your friends.